We Perform Better when Interlinked

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The contest was a light-hearted but effect8ive way of broadening our knowledge about our business.
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Day to day, our associates are preoccupied with delivering exceptional service in their own area of influence. There is little time to consider how the different departments are interlinked and what we can do to better collaborate for better organizational outcomes.
Knowing how a broader and deeper understanding of our total business can bring about better outcomes for everyone, our HR team came up with the idea of a Hotel Product Knowledge competition for associates from various departments such as the Executive office, Finance, F&B, Rooms, Sales & Marketing, Engineering and Security Department.
To ensure broad knowledge, contestants were tested on Starwood Culture, product knowledge, hotel facilities, fire control measures and safety knowledge, and even local culture and customs.
The competition not only motivated leaders and associates to know our business better, it also strengthened solidarity within and across the competing teams. We received feedback that the competition helped associates to look beyond their department goals and challenges, and build greater empathy for challenges faced by other departments. By doing so, they are now able to evaluate the impact their departments have on one another and better synergize their plans for outstanding outcomes.


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